Portrait photoshoot. / by Andrew Lai


Portrait in location job list.

Before photoshoot and making sure everything run smoothly.

1.     Prep camera equipment’s including flashes, light stand, softbox, diffuser ,reflector and wireless trigger.

2.     Clean lenses and charge batteries for flashes and DSLR battery and spare.

3.     Equipment checks  - a) Camera set to custom default and ready to shoot in RAW. b) SD card is formatted. d) test wireless trigger and flashes are working.

4.     Bring camera cleaning kit.

5.     Create equipment’s checklist.


During photoshoot

Arrive early and set up camera equipments.

1.     Set up lightstand, softbox, wireless trigger and flashes

2.     Test shots and now ready for portraits.

3.     Pack away equipments and use equipment’s checklist – don’t want to leave any camera gear behind.


After photoshoot

1.     Upload selection of photos to Mac.

2.     Pre post processing in Adobe Lightroom.

3.     Retouch in Adobe Photoshop and frequency separation technique.

4.     Prep high res file to cloud service.

5.     Send client email to download photographs.